Academic Overview

At Mexico City Christian Academy, we recognize that our students are individuals with differing strengths, abilities, learning styles, hopes, needs and areas for improvement.  Within that framework we strive to develop each student holistically, growing them academically, socially, physically and spiritually. 

In addition to the core coursework, MCCA students are provided with regular art, music, and language classes, as well as opportunities for physical development. Our goal is to introduce technology into the classroom at an early age. Students are encouraged to learn through reading from the earliest ages onward; this philosophy is augmented with an active library program. Exploration and problem solving are keys within the MCCA educational experience.

As a private Christian academy, character development is a foundational part of our curriculum. This is accomplished by integrating Biblical principles throughout the curriculum, engaging students in a weekly chapel service that focuses on character development, and by purposefully interacting with students in a way that encourages positive character development.

Within its curriculum, just as is the case in every other aspect of the academy´s operations, MCCA strives to reflect each of the following interrelated core values:

● Truth

● Excellence

● Diversity